Taking a break

2015 marks a decade of my journey for women empowerment in Pakistan. From the podium where I read my first poem against honor killings in 2005 to working with an amazing group of leaders to establish the Sughar Fund in US this year, there has been some tremendous adventures, setbacks, opposition, threats, challenges and success. 

Many times life has shoved me so hard that I would fall way back but each time I stood up, cried a little, strategized and moved forward. Wether it was the opposition of tribal leaders in my community in 2008 or my paralysis in 2011 or the opposition of my father in 2012, each time I stood up again quickly but this year the tragedy has been too much to bounce back from. 

I lost 5 people in less than 8 months, including my mother-in-law whose pain I got to witness everyday, and my elder uncle who within two months of diagnosis died of cancer, or my aunt whose death my family kept from me for 6 months because I love her enormously. 
Even though I have lost people in the past 10 years too, but in my desire to keep moving, I never was able to mourn them. This time I want to let myself mourn. 

I want to sit down and breath. I want to send blessings to those whose souls are gone, to those whose loved ones are not with them anymore, and to pray to Allah that in this short life of ours we are able to achieve what we have come here for. 

So I have decided to take a month long break/sabbatical. Until the May 15th I will be at home praying, healing, reflecting on the past 10 years, the years before that and years ahead. I will let myself process what has happened in these 10 years and be grateful for the connections I have made and the love I have been able to receive and spread. 
Till than, may God's blessings be with you all ~