Women's Day Special - Learn to LOVE

There is a very small village in the heart of Thatta where old Amma Zainab lives, in her little wooden house and mud floored veranda, no one leaves without a treat. When someone goes to visit Amma, the first thing they receive is her hug. I remember Amma's hug, her frail arms around me with a full and confident embrace, that warmth of her heart transmitting from her whole being and that moment when she held me for at least a few seconds... That is where I learnt about LOVE.

A lot of times in our experiences as entrepreneurs, activists, executives and any other leadership positions we surround ourselves with big words like struggle, hardwork, less sleep, effort, failure and success but among all those we miss on this one single word which is the core ingredient of service to any community and any nation, and that is love.

The impact of our actions in the communities we work with or people we serve highly depends on the relationships we develop with these people based on empathy, understanding and compassion for them. I really wish love should have been a part of the MDGs, and should be ensured in each of our actions.

Today on international women's day, I want to give the message we at Sughar continuously follow:

"Before providing any service, any support, any empowerment, ANY KIND of empowerment, learn to love and give love in huge chunks. And based on that love relationship, make people not your beneficiaries but your partners in action, specially women because when they are loved, they know they are worth loving and when women realize their worth, there is nothing that can keep them from changing the shape of the society they live in"!

As Mother Teresa says, β€œThe most terrible poverty is loneliness, and the feeling of being unloved.”