Souls Can Grow and Take Flight~

As people surrounded me today after I got off the stage, a young face with her big eyes kept glancing from far away...

When someone came in between her view she kneeled down to kept her stare. Throughout my discussions, hugs, pictures with all the women I kept glancing at her face and smiled, for a while it kept on until she disappeared.

Someone asked for my card,

I looked down at my bag and looked up to find those big eyes staring at me right in front of me and with her beautiful shy face bent down she said,:

"I want to do so much for this world.. I don't know how"

and with that tears came pouring down her face... my highlight of the day is that passion in her small beautiful heart, that extreme wish of making this world more better, more peaceful and more kind for other people, a passion strong enough to have her eyes fill with tears and her heart pound like it would run off her chest, slowly calming down as I hugged her and found my soul hugging hers -

This is what the world needs. The burning desire to do more, help more and be more even if your body is of a young little girl,

souls can grow..... and take flight~