Dont cry, Strategize.

Growing up I have cried a lot, (yes, I still do) mostly holding my pillow when everyone would sleep, behind the curtain so mom wont see and question, under the blanket where my heart would be breaking and yes in my fathers arms sobbing like a little girl with nothing but a broken heart. My pillow, curtain or blanket never responded but my father kept telling me one thing while caressing my back - "Don't cry my daughter, don't cry. Strategize". 8 years in this, I have learn't to strategize, to fail, to be vulnerable, to cry again and find a shoulder or a pillow to shed tears on and then go on again even stronger. Strategizing for the freedom of women in Pakistan, for myself and for every other little girl who was seen weak, meek and was told that no, she had no business planning, changing or deciding about her own life. Watch me do it now!