Something About Her Eyes

A few months ago in Boulder, Colorado I planned to get a photo frame for a friend of mine for his birthday and so went to the nearest Art shop.

As I asked the lady at the counter if they had those certain kind of frames, she looked up from jotting something down on her notebook and said, "no I am sorry we don't, perhaps the next shop has it".

I thanked her and started walking towards the door but then it hit me, something about her eyes was not right. I went back to her and said, "excuse me... I am so sorry but you look kind of sad, can I give you a hug"? After a startled expression on her face she walked out of the counter and we hugged for a few seconds until her whole body trembled and tears rolled off her face. "I have just had a few weeks of tough time at home", she said honestly... "today was the worst but I thank you for this, it makes a really big difference". There was an awkward pause in each of her word as she was definitely feeling weird for hugging a random traditionally-dressed girl. But the feeling of loss that I had seen in her eyes at first seem to have fad a bit and that smile was enough to make that moment more beautiful and powerful.

After saying our goodbyes, as I walked out of the door I felt a million years of warmth and peace in my heart. That melting feeling of joy that passed from my heart and veins to all corners of my body told me to celebrate a human connection which does not ask for rationality, reasoning, and answers. It just loves and finds joy in it.

Wanted to share this with you friends to remind you that there are people around us everywhere who are in desperate need of that attention or a simple hug. Some you may know. Go give them a hug today, believe me its a feeling worth dozen rewards~