The Full Moon

Today dad drove me on his old bike in the old streets of Karachi....

In the dark of the night when traffic was slow and the moon almost full, dad increased the speed on the bike. I clutched tight and shouted a big woohoo! and he laughed a high-pitched young laugh.
The moment converted into the streets of my hometown when my little hands clutched him for dear life as he would speed the bike into the streets not even caring for the glares that people gave the (very rare) father-daughter bond.

We have both come a long way, both warriors in our own lives and with our own struggles.. we disagree at things, we celebrate somethings and there are times we don't talk to each other for long... But both of us know that being with each other keeps us strong and reminds us that no matter how hard the life comes upon you, you would always have that one bond, one friendship which is the strongest among all and which is far beyond the pressures of the society, the concepts of dishonor or even shame - it only talks affection and understands affection, everything else is just the dirt that flew behind our bike when we zoomed around this big city!