God's Community

In the outskirts of Hyderabad, Pakistan right before when you enter the modest city via the highway from Karachi, a dirt road leads to a small rural community called Khuda Ki Basti (God's Community), I spent my childhood days there when I was not running around in the mountains of Balochistan. This weekend I went back to give-back, to see those streets, touch that land and feel that wind which have contributed in making me who I am today. And when I sat with the people and children, I felt my soul melt with content, and my heart dance in peace. That inner discovery amazed me and I thanked my soul for telling me that sometimes we forget that something inside us is longing to reach out, to connect and to be a part of the identity we once were. I take pride in that and fully honor every single person, place and thing that came in my life throughout my journey.