I am Sorry Pakistan

Heard the Pakistani National Anthem being sung by little kids inside a school today while coming back from my morning walk, Stood there to listen, each word echoed with great power, shaking my whole body, Goosebumps made me shiver from head to toe until my tears couldn't stop. Every word, every praise was a lie.

How much of it we really meant? How many of these kids knew what it meant to praise our country every morning? They would sing the anthem like robots and go back to their lives forgetting the promise, we all do, we are all traitors... how much have we given back to this land?

It hurts to face the truth, but more importantly it hurts to face ourselves, we find it easier to deny because denial does not expose us, does not make us vulnerable. But please, for God's sake, face your fears; face yourself because right there within you is a human, a heart and inside it is God. Let God work through you and start giving back to this land and its people, little by little, piece by piece, the smallest contribution (not the easiest) would count, start today, start now. Let’s start by saying we are sorry – I AM SORRY PAKISTAN, I am sorry people of Abbas town and every other innocent person that lost their life in the recent incidents, may your sacrifice let this country and its people rise again. Amen.