WE WON! - Your Support and Kindness!

We at Sughar have won, big time! In a way where winning is defined in a much more victorious way and where winning means: Standing surrounded by the support of thousands of people who come from very diverse geographical, cultural and social backgrounds, with diverse languages, faith and traditions! 

We cant thank you enough for the huge support and love that was extended to us at the slightest calls of help, we were simply overwhelmed and overjoyed by the shout-outs, emails, tweets, facebook shares, linkedin shares and every single effort you made just to make sure that Sughar Brand is able to represent in this wonderful opportunity and a gathering which holds more then 1500 people - Although we couldn't make it to that platform, but let me tell you, you have done it! you have already made it possible! Already there are thousands who have heard about Sughar and our work in tribal/rural areas of Pakistan, who have reached out to us to wish us luck, who have sent their smiles, best wishes and best thoughts to us and in fact who have asked to join in on the journey of Sughar!

I personally take this moment to thank each single one of you who voted, who asked for votes and who became the friend that Sughar always needs. We although did not make it to the final but we know in our hearts the the biggest achievement we are feeling is because we KNOW now that there are all of you around the world right there for Sughar when we need you and the assurity of that love and kindness will always become our power to grow, to step forward and to make change happen in the lives of women we are working for. 

We love you all and thank you all, and once again want to tell you how fortunate we are to know YOU~ 

With Gratitude and Blessings, 
Khalida Brohi
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