Choosing to Be Human-"Kind"~

In my life I have come accross people whom I learnt a lot from, whether we became friends, or remained strangers, through some talk their or certain words or even some gestures I learnt things that I otherwise couldnt have learnt, like a lady I met three days ago, some random stranger on the road, I asked her the address to somewhere I wanted to go, she was going the same way and asked me to join her in the walk.

We talked, we shared, we learnt, we laughed, we spent 10 minutes together walking until it was time for us to turn our ways, before we left we looked at each other and instead of shaking hands we chose to give each other a hug, because in those moments we had connected, we had shared some minutes in our lives together and in those minutes we had given each other space to express being their ownselves to someone totally stranger to them, and there is nothing more human then that. After our warm hug we went on our ways smiling snd beaming while my heart leapt with joy for the love that still exists in this world, I quickly wrote down the following and dedicate it to all of you (and those I couldnt tag), becasue at some points in my life, I have learnt a LOT from you as well about being human-KIND~


I don't care what century I am in, 
I don't care what year this is
and I don't care about the time in this moment...
What I only care about, in this moment is,
how I FEEL 
and how I make OTHERS feel
because this very moment
is a test to see NOT how I live, 
but how I CHOOSE to live
and I choose the life of friendship
I choose the language of love
I choose the days of peace
I choose the nights of freedom
I choose the path of care
I choose the destination of empathy
I choose to celebrate being human
Because I choose to be "human"-"kind" ~