"the only way out - is the way in" ~ In search of peace

Peace falls like the leaves of autumn
bright, beautiful but weak...

Peace trickles down like the last drop of water
and the thirsty eyes only see
the trace of wetness
on the dried land

Are we talking peace?
How long will it go
Because my wait tells me
My knees cant hold
My faith might change its mind
and my willpower then might wander in the dark nights
of a lonely desert
following a caravan which only leaves behind dust.. memories and nothing

Peace once flourished on this land
I can see traces here and there
Some tell me bits of it remained
in the hearts
yours and mine

But its been long
long since I listened truly to my heart
and each time the wind blew upon the barren land
dirt covered the traces of peace in my heart
Until one day
there was only piles
of nothingness

My eyes when search around the corners of this world
to find
they never know, that it was
once buried deep down
in the once alive rivers of my heart
and the only way out now
is the way in
.....and to begin
peace within ~