To The Unreasonable Institute

I know the wind called me back,
I almost heard it whisper,
I know the mountains echo my name,
they did send me a letter.

The road in Boulder still thinks of me,
the trees out Mansion would remember me,
because I know we have shared...
some beautiful beautiful times together...

As for the people in there?
It does not matter,
because my heart is aware
there is a connection somewhere
that would never stop
A bond that would never end
and let me tell you a secret
If they remember me or not,
they should know.
I sit,
and miss them a lot.

Far away in the ear of my mind I hear some one talk
I hear a laughter and I turn around
I see them watching
I hear footsteps walking to the creak festival

sometimes when the door is closed I pretend as if throwing the ball
and hit and yell
like we did in volleyball
or if I want more
I don't care

Its lady gaga, fresh prince, electric dance and me

On my desk when I start working and think
before I raise my hand to type or click
I am doing things that I learned with you all
I am learning, understanding that i have brought back with me

and adding a spice of legal part in that:P

In the noise of my mind I hear mentors talking
In the silence of my being I feel the fellows understanding
Understanding diversity
Respecting it fully
and letting me become
what they call it?
A sarcastic (riding) shotgun?

Or if there is nothing at all with me
nothing to think and nothing to worry
I have memories
flooded and spilling
lovely and exciting
even if I am not willing
coming and coming
I smile during an important event like a foolish king

Missing you a lot while in the busy life back home,
missing you a lot while this moment has come,
when once again there are times to say good bye,
and time to depart...
to ride apart...
on the journey,
Unreasonable that its called...