Sindhi Topi

In the crisp moments of my thoughts yet another memory fights to arise
With bright blinking day light and earth shinning moon
My thoughts simply fight together
They gather on a sturdy noon

Green as waves of the darkest sea
Sweeping through the heart of Sindh
The meadows once I took pride in
Without them I had thought where I would be

Dust flew in shredded breath
Rumor has it which chased the beautiful breeze
Or that I know the breeze chasing the flying dust
Where the shadows become tall trees and the grass becomes a dazzling carpet

The knight of my thoughts whose footprints I see
Once walked with dignity over this dancing sea
Waving the stick and gestures of blow
He ripped through the meadows herding the cow

For it was dusty, yet bright blinking too
But I thought I saw it and never blinked back
Red, yellow, round and colorful
The cap was a Sindhi topi that he wore

Bright lit bangles once did jingle I have heard
A modest, shy gesture hid behind the muddy walls
Far away in my thoughts another memory whispered
There is more to it she said, more then you heard

And it danced, danced until I told it to stop
Tell me I said, what more is there I haven’t heard
The eyes with hope as a guest of honor
Searching the fields until the knight made its way

But before he comes the rain did came
Drip, drip it fall soaking the earth, wetting the leaves, smiling to wind and whispering to me
Come dance to the rhythm of an untold beat
Come dance, come dance on the land of Sindh

My Sindh I gain my dreams from you
My land I weave hopes in your heart
Not a day of pain may ever befall on you
Forever you remain the land of tradition, of Ajrak, of Topi, without any sadness without any woe

Khalida BrohiComment