Where is God...?

Where is God they ask me..

I don't have to respond

or if I do

I just smile

because right there in that very moment

God is also smiling

because he is in our smiles

when we breath in


feel the air filling our lungs

God is there

when rain drops come falling from the sky

upon our thirsty souls

there is God

when I walk and I feel the earth

under my feet

strong and existing

there is God

when the first cry of a newborn

echoes around us

there is God

when we see others in pain

and our own heart pains

there is God

when I am alone

and I know

I have someone thinking of me

there is God

when in the silence of my thoughts

I hear trees speaking to me

each leave whispering

each branch singing

there is God

when someone hugs you

and says you are forgiven

there is God

when friends meet

and they share

the utmost beauty of friendship

there is God

when a mother stays awake all night

for her sick child

there is God

when I want to speak out



and cry

.......and I can

there is God

when my heart fills with joy

and jumps with pride

cries with happiness

there is God

God is in you

God is in me

God is the love

that we feel for all the human beings

because love

is the beautiful form of God

and so when my heart sings with love

I say

"HERE IS GOD".....