Unreasonable Global Summit and A Week of Exceptional Mentors!

Its the week before the last one.... Cant believe how quickly the days passed by and how soon all of us have become a big family... and then again will have to go our separate ways within 10 days..

However then again we fellows don't know whether to be sad at this idea of leaving the Institute or to celebrate the wonderful times yet prevailing at the Unreasonable Institute, because this week had a lot in store for us! More then anything the first ever Unreasonable Global Summit in the history of the world!

Other then that as always this week have had some the greatest mentors coming in at the Unreasonable House! Such as;

Rafe Furst. A world class poker player and Angel Investor, Rafe is the co-founder of Presumed Abundance (forward-thinking investment fund).

David Bornstein. The author of How to Change the World and perhaps one of, if not the most, connected and well-known people in the social enterprise space. He's also the author of the new book Social Enterprise: Everything You Need to Know and most recently founded Dowser, uncovering stories of change..

Casey Verbeck. Founder and CEO of Touchpoint Trust Group, Former Founder and CEO of Partners in Music. Driving awareness and capital to triple bottom line companies through the i4c campaign. 

Hunter Lovins. The author of Natural Capitalism along with Paul Hawken and the co-founder of the Rocky Mountain Institute (freeing the global economy from dependence on fossil fuels). 

Marc Mathieu. The former head of Global Brand Marketing at Coca Cola. Marc is the reason Coke is in every village, every shanty town, and every slum around the world. He's going to talk about how to build such an incredible brand and distribute effectively in the most remote parts of the world. 

Nathaniel Whittemore. Amongst the most connected people in the social enterprise space, Nathianiel is the founder of Assetmap Strategies, the Global Engagement Summit (a 5-day Unreasonable Institute at Northwestern University), and blogs for Change.org.

Greg Miller. The former co-founder of Google.org. Need more be said?

Graham MacMillan. Former Senior Director of VisionSpring, a social enterprise producing affordable glasses for low-income customer, Graham is now Program Officer of the Citi Foundation, managing philanthropic investments for them.

Kevin Starr. The founder of the Mulago Foundation and the Rainer Arnhold Fellows program. He's the guy that wrote that incredible article on impact I sent out and is absolutely obsessed with how to measure it - he funds ventures that produce measurable social impact and will ask you very basic questions to help you understand if your efforts are actually making a profound difference in the world.

Jalak Jobanputra. The senior vice-president of the New York City Investment Fund where she overseas digital media and technology investments. She's been a VC focused on early stage funding for quite a while now and sits on the Echoing Green Social Investment Board. 

And now here we are, just one day before the Global Summit to happen, all the fellows, mentors and founders at the Unreasonable Institute believe that the day will be marked in the history as the most unreasonable day ever!
As Nnaemeka puts it, Let it Come~