Operation Etan~ Le Chef Unreasonable!

Before today, its just been nods, whispers and murmurs about the surprise birthday party, from what I saw I knew this wasnt going to be a small party, efforts are going to be put largely into it and the surprise for our most Unresasonable Chef on his birthday this wednesday is going to be amazing!

All of us here at the Unreasonable Institute waited for this day anxiously, when one day beforehand the planning committee i.e "the fellows" would plan up something as a grand surprise and so, emails began floating this morning on the fellows-only list.............

Hey Guys,

So it's Etan's birthday tomorrow  - we were thinking of doing something for him given his awesomeness. The current plan is:

Phase 1 -  Breakfast Strike Team
Make Aton breakfast. Jasmine is in charge of this.

Phase 2 - Birthday Cake Thunderstorm
I'll sort out getting a birthday cake for him to bring out after dinner. It would be nice to cook it, but I don't think we could pull it off without disrupting his chefly duties.

What do you guys think?
Happy to take suggestions too!

I'm totally in to help with the breakfast thing...

Daniel Rosien


What if we took over the kitchen either late tonight or early tomorrow morning? (Perhaps we'll need a "distract Etan committee".)  We should be able to make a cake in secret.  I'm happy to take charge of this.  Does anyone have any ideas on a recipe that he might like?

Daniel M.M

oooh...i like the plan of making the cake tonite and surprising him with it at midnight. So etan finishes in the kitchen at 10pm ish. I met couple of his friends the other day who wanted to take him out for his birthday. One of them was at the IGNITE yesterday and i got her no. So i can call her and ask her to take etan out of our way, out of the mansion so we can back the cake and be ready with it when he comes back. i'll ask her to return him to us aruond midnight. Sounds good?


I have two suggestions for cake: 
1- I have a good carrot cake recipe
2- Dominican birthday cake.

That is all.
Emily Kerr

let's go shopping tonight after the Mentor session. Does anybody have a car?

Jehan                                                              Plans.................  
Cesar can drive us!

So should i call this friend, her name is Cassidy, and ask her to get Etan out of the way?
Yeah - call and see if they have plans.... if they don't we'll create a diversion locally.

ok bad news...both those friends are busy baby sitting and working tonite. so time to plan the distraction locally.


And so plans went on and on, we were all delighted to see the enthusiasm and team work coming along and the group responded so well it was very amazing, until..................the following email showed up from that mailing list....
wow I love the conspiracy, I wonder if you all know that I m on this email stream.


le chef
P.S really i do love surprises

you guys are too nice
And thus, you can imagine what the other emails were like...  
this goes down in the history of the unreasonable institute as the most embarassing moment ever!

well i hate to be the extremist on the group. but since etan knows about our plan the only hope is to use force.

anyone, have rope, maybe a burlap sack, some gasoline??... we'll figure this out. he will be surprised whether he likes it or not.

Daniel Rosen
Thanks for ruining our dreams, Etan.  I may never recover...

- Benjamin

P.S yeah, I actually have all that stuff right now, Dan.  I figured we'd need it at some point.
We were PWNED!
But I am sure we can still manage to surprise you.

You just made it worse, man... You could play along, you chose not to.
Now you will have to assume the consequences.

MWA HWA HA HA (Evil laughter)



And so..... now the Etans-Birthday-Planning Committee also called Unreasonable Fellows are in the process of running another round of emails titled: "Operation Etan 2"

(fingers crossed)~