A letter to my father ~

Dear Dad,

How are you? I know I am writing after a couple of days, things have been really busy here but all this time I have missed you a lot especially today on fathers day, when I really wanted to be close to you I feel sad to be really away.... but then again the strong feeling that you are here, next to me, watching me becoming a part of the Unreasonable Institute.... is really especial for me...you have always been the source of my strengths and the reason for my successes...

You know dad, the day I was coming here I still couldn't believe I would be living far from home for so long, the confidence that I had showed so badly in myself that day of my departure as if I knew how to conquer the world was built in.... with my stiff smile and made-up courage I was scared inside..... I was scared of many things dad, and among all was the fact that I will be living far from you all for so long, but you know the trust that you have in me has always been there to make me stronger... I regretted coming to the Unreasonable Institute the night I set foot here, the "Unreasonable Mansion" with the huge glass windows and the dark bushes surrounding it... and all the silence but utter comfort inside, was new world for me.... I had sudden urge of running back home, where it was safe and warm... and with the thought of being on the other side of the world....I had dreaded the next 10 weeks ahead that I was supposed to spend here...... Its been 3 weeks now, today marks the end of the third week, leaving 7 weeks ahead of us.... and you know what, many things have changed.

My each single day here at the Unreasonable Institute, haven't just been a day with mere mornings ending to nights, but every second has been an eternity and a life time for me where I have seen myself growing a deal. For many it may seem like just days of learning and mentorship and everything that's on the surface but you know dad for me each minute is very deep.... so much that I cant even explain. The first thing when I came here I started to measure the differences with these people in me... time came when I declared to myself that I did not belong here at all.

These people that surround me here are full of knowledge, wisdom, and capabilities that perhaps I have never had encountered before.... they talk about changing the world even when we are having our meals... its fully insane... and the power of all this have made me feel at lost many times. There have been times when I have cried because of the differences within me and them... you know I would walk up to the big dinning hall even for a drink of water, I would see fellows talking to each other, discussing, learning, debating, being positively critical and building on their ventures but you know...that is the time I feel like sinking... I know you haven't deprived me of anything ever... you have given me a life which was different in any aspect from what other girls in our family or society could have... I have the most fortunate one to have all that dad but then again these differences here have been killing me until.........until today, this morning when I was walking out of the house in the front garden, Bob Patillo, one of our great mentors was standing at the door and ushered me towards him. I went up to him to find out he was moved with emotions, and as usual the sight of deep feelings was strong enough for me to even say a word and I stood there with my face down as he spoke....

He told me he had been talking to Maria (my roommate), and how she had mentioned me in her talk and talked about our times together, about being fortunate to have me as her roommate, about never forgetting the time I made her stand in the rain and feel God in in each rain drop and you know what dad, in the end Maria had told Bob that she is going to name her child after me......It was too much for me to hear, I couldn't hide the tears that flowed up to my eyes with sudden urge to free themselves of a place which hid them always... I had been wrong about many things dad... I had been wrong about being different as a bad thing when all this respect was showered upon me each time I looked towards everyone...

Every single one of the fellows, Unreasonable team, the mentors and all the supporters have seen my differences as not a weakness but a beautiful asset... these people are the entrepreneurs dad, they are capable of making the change happen with their positive thinking while there I was, assuming myself as an alien and have tried to keep away from being part of this great world...... but not any more dad. I have learned so much in the past 20 days, this Institute have taught me many things, too much that I cant even put in numbers, but above all it has shifted my Paradigm. My life's most unbearable reality is changed to one of the powerful strengths of mine, I have come to realize that we cannot judge people and ourselves of what we haven't been able to get, but what are we actually doing of all that we have, are we making the most of it?

Even though I hadn't ever had any experience like this before, no MBA, no business talks, no strategical development and all this but the fact is, I am having it now, Unreasonable Institute is offering all that to me. Everything that I haven't known in my life is here, in front of my eyes and for the next 7 weeks I am not going to mourn upon what I have been missing but would focus on making the most of each moment here. I am now working on the structure of Sughar, looking at its legal strengths, working on networking with organizations that would be eager to partner with us to help us replicate the idea or even be a part of the support network, working on establishing an advisory board of great people, searching for possible linkages that we have with the organizations our mentors are involved in, working on learning new strategies for team building from the Unreasonable team, contacting a lot of people for helping in connecting to others, finding new solutions to use in empowering women, working on media strategy of Sughar weighing risks and assumptions of security and how do we tackle them and above all dad, I am learning how to ride the bicycle, play volleyball, go hiking, playing frisby and play ultimate ping pong:)

I want you to know dad that I am really proud of everything, of all that surrounds me but most especially I am proud of YOU, I have always reminded myself of how much blessed I am and now when I celebrate all these blessings I keep you in my thoughts each single second, because there were times when I had held on your finger crossing the road, feeling proud and assured that you are there for me and now when I am on the other side of the world I know fully well dad, that you are there for me and there is nothing as powerful as that for me......Happy Fathers Day,

Your Daughter,
Khalida Brohi