A World thats Green and Blue....

"Narrating a child's words about life, in future"

Glancing down the shining green
waves of meadows with shimmering hue
My grandpa tells me of a world
A world that was Green and Blue...

Singing in the pleasant mode
Where birds with beautiful feathers flew
Dancing down the dirt roads
Shepherds whistles blew

A world where ladies walked with glee
Baking flour breads for whining Woo
Where sky glimmered with delight
and yet all this is true....

My thoughts come back to my existing time
My world as now and the life I will live through
Why things changed and its all gray now
When the world was green and blue...

I love my electric pen and my robotic toys
Even my robot at my service, serving me stew
I do love all these "pleasures" I have
But I envy, oh grandpa I envy you

I would rather have none of these
I would rather make my own stew
But I heart the sky thats never gray
and its all mighty blue

Can you feel the sad that I feel
The tears that I shed each morning too
cuz I know I am not lucky
Like grandma jolly, nor like you....
Khalida BrohiComment