Boulder, Colorado...Where Nature Whispers Poetry

When I set foot in Boulder, Colorado it was past midnight and my expectations about having to look at this place after hearing so much about it washed out as I was driven off from the Airport to the valley-type city of Boulder. Black shadows of huge mountains showed in the dark of the night and the glimmering lights welcoming me in this city was perhaps worth all that I missed...until the next day I dismissed the thought. I had surely missed the most beautiful welcome on this earth.

Pure green and thick grass softly danced and the wind slowly blowing upon it while the sky with its deepest blue smiled down the tall proud mountains of Boulder said this is what you missed.

There could never have been a better time for me to go explore, if it wasnt me, anyone would have done the same thing. Walking down the road surroudning by a jungle of trees and grass that spread to everywhere I could see,  my feet slowly touching the road creating the only sound and still not being able to budge the silence that was breathtaking, However off all this, I was sure for one thing, "Nature was at work". Nature during its silent moments was working with its all strength, thats what my eyes saw with the green of the grass and the blue of the sky, my ears heard the chirps of squirls and whoosh of the wind that would come teasing a tree or tickling the grass.... I watched and I felt Nature, so close and so honestly pure and serene it took me back to my identity....

Reminding me about my being a part of this whole circle of life... reminding me of the reasons each living being is born in this world... the reason to serve. Thats what nature was doing, serving with its beautiful peace and making each one of us realize that the whole circle of life is connected somewhere and sometimes if you listen.... you would hear the silence.... that is where Nature trully is and that is where you are... Nature says find that silence and come feel me so you could find "yourself".

"The Silence Within Me"

Do you know what Nature is whispering
Do you know what it says to me
It tells me there are people who
fight for reasons and identity

People seeking truth and purpose
They should come and learn from me
This wind is what you live alike
Even the rock and this tree

Slowly nature speaks it all
About you, me and this humanity
It tells me something I dont deny
Of the times I lose contact within me

When I know my existence
and yet I lose my identity
Then is when it talks to me
Its says listen, listen to me

I hear it yes
I listen carefully
I hear it says

That is whats missing in me
I need to stop, think and feel
everything that is surrounding me
Nature at its work

I close my eyes, while wind is whoosing
while grass is dancing
while sky is smiling
while trees are saying
Listen to me...

And I do hear,
"The Silence within me"