29 hours travel? That is so unreasonable!

Ok here I am… In the United States of America finally. However I am not completely at my destination that is Boulder, Colorado as my flight is delayed from San Fransisco to Denver but its just the same for me. Sitting here, near the huge glass look-outs of San Fransisco Airport that reflected in the beautiful and warm sun light of SF and the best picture of mountains gazing back to me, I was looking back to my whole travel from Pakistan. It feels like ages since the night my family left me at the airport… the dark damp night of Karachi our car made its way quietly in the dark of the night at about 3pm and I sitting in the back seat with mom and sister and was mapping out the travel ahead.

It wasn’t my first time to US, but the fact itself that this perhaps was my first ever long trip outside Pakistan, and how was I going to explain all this to the immigration and customs department, will I be allowed to enter US for a whole 10 weeks? that included and a lot more questions were loaded up on my mind until it was time for me to check-in.

Next Question: I had sketched a mughal dancer woman for the Unreasonable Institute, which knowing I wont be allowed to carry in glass frame I got in plastic frame but now the question was will they allow me to take it?

Even next question: I and my roommates had planned on a traditional room setup where we put up traditional items from our country and thus I had loaded up a bag full of traditional items like rili, cushion covers, ajraks, and a lot of other items which I was taking and did not knew if my luggage would be coming over the limit and whether I would be allowed to take it or not.
The check-ins were where I came face to face with my questions and I was ready if my luggage or the poster got refused so I could give it back to mom and dad standing outside the airport. But amazingly, it never happened, they were ok with my rock-heavy luggage and even my poster after getting to know its plastic on the cover. I heaved a sigh of relief when I was checking-in my baggage with two boarding passes in my hands. Now as light I felt the heavy my heart started feeling when I walked towards the immigration department.
So ma'am what are you going to do in America, the trying-to sober looking immigration officer said in his most serious voice, I told him about Unreasonable Institute-A to Z. he took in the information and began looking up at my other visas on my passport. So why were you in Australia? he asked, I am a youth activist I replied and I went over to attend a conference related to Human Rights. why were you in Philippines, another question my way. I replied until the immigration lady beside him squinted at me while quickly gazing over my passport. My passport was given back to me and I was ushered to move forward to the next check -up who never bothered to ask me anything and waved for me to move ahead. I could shriek with delight! my fears yet in Pakistan were removed and I looked forward to the journey ahead.

Dubai airport had been a whole lot of a rush because of my two hours transit, I almost ran through the whole area just to locate my gate and not miss my flight. Finally locating my gate and making my way towards it I could see how this flight was going to be different then the ones I have had before, almost majority of the plane passengers were Indian, Amazing I thought. Smiling to myself I walked to the checking area with my heavy bags and stood with the row of women. I noticed new initiatives for strict checking of the luggage and the passenger itself was organized at the Emirates. It was obvious after the recent case in New York, which I was lost at details even. Many ladies frowned as the security officer went through the luggage in a disastrous way and almost checked through the pockets and stuff. The lady ahead of me in the line was definitely American, it was odd she starred at me more then to pay attention on her luggage that was being checked, "We have to go through these problems just because of the acts of some very wrong people", she stated or rather muttered glancing over at me. It obviously hurt but the fact that it wasn't new, I brushed the whole comment away.

I did manage to fly through Dubai to San Fransisco, 16 hours journey could have made me crazy if emirates wasn't kind enough to be playing Indian and Disney movies. I might have watched the whole list until finally it was time to land. Unfortunate as it was, the emirates flight landed late and my next connecting flight to Denver was left with 40 minutes to go through the customs, collect my luggage, and go through the security and check in. I had no choice but to run through the whole airport, I made it to the customs in about 5 minutes and crazy enough while this customs officer was more interested in taking my finger prints I was telling him to be quick I was going to miss my next flight. He rather laughed and to my relief I was free to run over to my luggage which took almost hours to appear. I did miss my flight. I was devastated.

Karachi's luggage is going to be the last one to appear, the lady standing beside me said to me, I looked up with my miserable face and asked if she was from Karachi, yes she replied and told me that she had noticed me from the Karachi airport itself. soon waiting for our luggage we got into a huge discussion and soon she was offering all sorts of help. She gave me the number of United Airlines, calling them was not a single help. I called the Unreasonable Institute and let them know. They let me know how it was easier for me to go explain it to the Airlines and see if I get help. walking with heavy feet I was already thinking up how would I be arranging the next flight and how it all is going to be so tough when this lady at the United Airlines told me how she took pity on my lonely soul to be so away from my home country and quickly put me up on the next flight. I was amazed at the generosity.

So there I was with my plane just about to be flying in an hour, this announcement came chanting through the airport: This certain flight to Denver is delayed by 4 hours. Wow I thought, what else could go wrong. and so here I am sitting at the airport waiting for my flight, writing this blog post and keenly looking forward to be the record broker on the longest travel one could ever do through air~