Success on the road of Unreasonability!

-->10th March 2010.... Its still unbelievable for us at Sughar to go see the venture profile at the Unreasonable Marketplace to be fully funded!....we made it at last!!!

Realizing the whole process of Fundraising behind it was just the past month, when our first meeting at Sughar
 took place to plan the whole thing, it was like start of a revolution where my warrior team members were my true pride! 

The month went on like a rush! Contacting hundreds of people in and out Pakistan, getting in touch with friends, supporters, mentors, stakeholders and beneficiaries and reaching out to various networks! It was more then we could actually take at a time, the experience was nothing short of an amazing adventure!

I seriously found the whole fundraising idea one of my life's rare moments when the support that was showered from all across the world brought us tears, smiles and reasons to celebrate. In fact the fundraising campaign never actually remained a fundraising campaign, it transformed itself into a journey where learning, sharing and fun all came together…. And more important among all, the love and support from people whole believed in us and our vision of Sughar. I remember reading emails replying me with;

“anything for your cause, we believe in the vision and concept and the truth that Honor Killing does have an end.... and Sughar would be one of those reasons behind that end”..

“Sughar’s team is perhaps the most inspiring people around! The enthusiasm is what drives us to support”..

These are the things that kept us going, more then the funds itself it was the encouraging words and the kindness and the belief of people in us was what made the whole thing a rare experience of our life!

Let me put forward the fact that the support of these very people has led us to reach out to 4600 people in the past month!!!
During our halfway journey the support led me to write a big note of thanks to all of them, though I missed a lot but here is where my thanks goes to all of you for believing in us!

The main ACT of Sughar!

Following the successes just recently International Campaign against Honor Killing gave us the privilege of publishing Sughar's fundraising call to their website! This was one of the biggest success and recruited a lot of support!

SGB International published about Sughar on their website!

Betty of was the last kind supporter! she did a wonderful blog on Sughar and our achievements as well!
And finally when 70% of Funds were reached out, Unreasonable Institute announced about the Finalist Selection Fund (FSF) which was a grand support from a partner and was directed towards the marketplace. Then is when we the finalists got to vote towards ventures we believed in, by today everyone sent out their votes to the Unreasonable Institute and this morning the results proved themselves in a lot of other ventures and Sughar being fully funded!
I am simply touched by the generous support and kindness of finalists at the Marketplace, who believed in Sughar and its impact. With their help and the support of people around I have finally made it as an Unreasonable Finalist today and am honored and proud to be part of this amazing batch of people who get to meet and work this summer in Boulder in the Unreasonable Institute~

And the the road of Unreasonabilitiy continues for Sughar while destination isn't far~

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