"Fundraising Unreasonably"~ aventura inolvidable

Ok here I am... compelled crazily to write about the "adventure" that I and my team at Sughar went through the few days back. We are still not done with the whoops! hurrays! and yays! of the selection trauma, however I could get myself snap out of that and come back to track and see what exactly is going to happen NOW. Of course before we all do look on that unreasonable road further I am delighted to tell all of our supporters, friends, mentors and all those who care, about how we went through the fundraising process and how it was an adventure unforgettable for us!

Memories go back to two months ago, Sughar in the semi-finalists was unbelievable enough for us to take until we came to know about being finalists! happiness doesn't have its limits and I cant describe how the Sughar team felt that time! We couldn't believe Sughar was acknowledged unreasonable even though we took pride of the word for years without being officially recognized.

However the true competition was yet to start and we were all well aware of the Fundraising ahead to raise 6,500 USD that makes 5,48000 PKR... It was time for us to immediately reach out to the friends of Sughar, networks, partners, supporters and family members.

But our main fear was the issue we put forth... to fundraise we had to use Media and the desperate need was to be avoided because of the risks that each member of Sughar saw within it. Many ideas crossed our minds, many were suggested and much more stood there to profit us but the main risk attached to publicity led us back in planning our funraising campaign... And we had to stick to usual sort of concept writing, silent meetings and personally contacting donors.

Luckily or let me say oddly It wasn't one day when our plans changed, the reason behind it most obviously was the "Sughar team". The 43 young, energetic, capable and most inspiring team of
Sughar who had fought through opposition previously and this time if they arrive weren't new. We couldn't have been more proud! and thus our second plan followed in four main points of planning:
  1. Treasure: (What is already there we got)
  2. Opportunities: (What could be attained)
  3. Obstacles: (risks and how do we avoid or fight them)
  4. (Plan B)(We felt like having a plan B acts as a life saver sometimes and thus it did!)
1. Treasure: (What is already there we got)
  • This the message and how powerful it is. (believe me a powerful message is the very treasure needed to approach millions)
  • It also includes all those people, organizations, supporters and family members whom you know will support in funds or in spreading the word
  • Your Team is the 3rd treasure item available, these are the people who forget living, eating, sleeping properly for the mutual goal and that's the true beauty of it.
  • Family and those close ones to whom you rope up, these always stand there to make you feel good. Even if not financial helping the encouragement, love and support and the very thought that some one behind you is there to hold you strong if you fell is enough to make you successful.
  • Willpower: Its you, yourself, and the belief in your mind and soul.
2. Opportunities: (What could be attained/used to attain)
  • Media first and foremost is an opportunity, reach out to as much as publicity you care
  • The friends of your friends, the big plan always must have its detours, if your friends cant support could "his" friend support? just try it!
  • Supportive (rich) people: There are millions of people out there in this world who want to put there money for a good cause, locate them and let them know about your message and why do you exactly need help.
  • Put forward a reward for those who support, search how you or your organization can reward a certain person organization who funds you, it dosent have to be a return ticket to New york but you can offer as much as you can provide.
  1. Obstacles: (risks and how do we avoid or fight them)

    Always count obstacles, fears, risks, blunders, barriers and each setback before you step ahead. NOT to be afraid of those but to be cautious of those.
    The point that I want to make clear at the moment is.... many times usually we search for obstacles in our planning and our accusing eyes try as much as to make visible the forces who would try to harm us or our plan. but have we ever thought that to reach a goal, or to succeed the main obstacle in reality is "ourself". We are the true enemies of our desires, goals and dreams when we start disbelieving our success.

    4. Plan B! (We felt like having a plan B acts as a life saver sometimes and thus it did!)

    This is the time when you use force! (kidding*)
    Plan B usually includes our power to be flexible to the environment we are fundraising in, if we are flexible enough we might end up reaching to our same goal but through a different road, and there is nothing bad to it. A mission as you know always includes persistence to succeed but when we add experimentation to persistence that can lead us to gaining even more then we ever wished for because that helps us learn new structures and strategies.
    Sughar plan B did became a part of our reaching out for the funds. After the continues hard road of trying outs, when we did see that it perhaps was taking us all our lifes to reach out for the money we "went" to the money our-self! We initiated a door to door knock-knock! campaign and knocked at the doors of offices of civil society, media workers, policy makers, famous people*, rich people* and anyone we could get our eyes on in about 4 districts where we operate in Sindh and Balochistan and violla! we made it!

    5. Say thank you!

    In the end as the rule goes, "always say thank you" and we must. People who support you are those who have believed on our vision, on our perception and on how we see things, these people have put their money or any other support not just to please but to contribute towards change that you are eager to make and you must let them all see that very change happening! Say sincere thanks and keep in touch to let them in on the journey they chose to come alongside with you and your team, life becomes marvelous when supportive people join us~

    ....Writing all this I am compelled to think back about all the generous help and support that came from all around the world for
    Sughar, the unbelievable trust people put in us and right now we are taking our first steps towards paying them back by keeping their trust and fulfilling the vision we long see. We promise we wont disappoint anyone.

    Here's to an equal and sustainable society for all~
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