The Unreasonable Road till now…. A moment to celebrate!!!

I am simply overwhelmed by the support, love and kindness showed in my ventures most Unreasonable Journey!
It wasn’t just a few days as the Marketplace at the Unreasonable Institute started when my mentors caught up with me to support and guide in any way they can to fundraise, “Friends of Sughar Club” had a quick and keen meeting to discuss our approaches of raising the amount, Friends calling, emails coming and Oh the Media!~
The past few days been certainly been an adventure for me and my whole team at Sughar as we make our way to raise 6,500 USD for the Unreasonable Institute, we take out a few moments to celebrate!
Dani Bro, My dearest Brother from Spain! (Daniel Zapico) was the first to know about Sughar being an Unreasonable Finalist and had been actually emailing each day to ask when was it starting! Ha ha
Ankai my lovely friend from China after sponsoring my venture went out to tell hundreds of her friends to support my cause!
Robin, The leader of Revolution Kranti, another Unreasonable Finalist who is Empowering trafficked girls and sex workers to become catalysts of social change and lead the women’s revolution in India! Thank you so much for the support and believing in my vision!
Sir Chris!, I can never forget the time we met in Islamabad in 2006, tea cup in my hand I approached him just to ask if he is a foreigner or a Pashto:) (from his Pakistani dress up), I am so thankful of you for your note and actually generating a lot of support for my cause: Check out the Note:
Grant! He is another mentor of mine having helped me with planning of WAKE UP Campaign against “Honor” Killing. Supported my venture twice!
Harjant Gill, the good-looking filmmaker I met in DC, where he was producing the film on us! Thank you so much for doing a personal email to all of your friends to support my cause and also putting up Sughar's profile on facebook! Check the video he had been busy in!
Mahzabin distributed the Sughar’s pitch to thousands of people at Oxfam International Youth Partnership!
Tara, thank you so much for pledging your support and actually writing a pitch for my yourself to share with your grand network!
Sir David, I really wont be able to forget your support and the kind encouraging words, and actually sharing the venture profile to your all of your students to help me seek support!
Zohra my lovely Afghani friend! Thank you sooo much for the inspiring email to ALL the OIYP Action Partners saying “lets support Khalida”! (Literally I cried reading that)
Kate, I remember the journey back home from DC and meeting her as the “lady sitting near me in the plane”, cant believe how wonderful it was to have met her and we actually made our half way back talking talking and talking! Thank you so much for telling hundreds of your friends about our lovely incident of meeting and for seeking their support!
My lovely sister Mahbuba, thank you so much for believing in me and supporting me!
The list can simply go on and on…..!!!
Sughar is amazingly lucky to be getting support from all sides!!, cheers to Oxfam Australia for putting this up on 3things!
Oxfam Intermon, for the blog on their website!
Oxfam Novib to have been able to listen to our pitch and for the kind words!
Vital Voices, I will never ever forget the support shown to Sughar, thank you so much!
Diplomacy Training Program! For sharing the pitch around to many people!
YouthActionNet® for sharing our venture profile to help us seek support! And thank you all at my YouthActionNet® family for supporting Sughar!

Foundation for Young Social Entrepreneurship! For organizing the session first of all, oh the wonderful ideas that were generated from the Paragon100 Fellows, thanks to all of you!!!
Ashoka ChangeMakers, OMG thank you so much for showing such a great support and sending the pitch over to so many people!
And certainly the list can go on and on here as well!
Sughar have been really busy the past few days of fundraising and enjoying each single second of it! I might never have seen this enthusiasm, this excitement and all the smiles before in my whole team! Makes my each whole day crazily exciting!
Now coming to the “Sughar Team” (saved the best for last ;p) have been upto some really great planning of fundraising!
They Joined each invitation in the past month, each workshop and conference to seek support, most important of all, I myself could go to LDM’s National Workshop and got my message to many! Secondly to National Strategic Workhop of Bytes for All and could meet some really exciting people!
And the most amazing and UNREASONABLE thing that my team did was to divide up and step out for “fundraising walks” in different cities! Credit goes to mostly you Sumera, Manzoor, Altaf, Javed, Sikander and Ishaq, They covered Hyderabad, Thatta, Khuzdar and Karachi! Knock knock interested in becoming a changemaker? Donate 50$:) Check it out here!
I really cant go on after this or I might cry with happiness! Sughar is really blessed with supporters which make more then a long list! And if the half journey is this, what’s up next?!:)


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