"Unleashing the Leader within!"

Leadership in any glossary means to convey, to manage and to direct, but many times these meanings has been misinterpreted with words like control and domination ……..but the truth is………..Leadership is NOT domination, its inspiration………..Leaders are those who chose to believe in themselves and the others around them, they inspire to be the best.

Everyone in this world is a leader, a motivator and a creative being, but there is a just a need to unleash it.

It has been a trend of our society to pick out a leader and the others as followers, even in colleges and universities boys and girls groups are established, but there is always one leader who is “thought to be” more active, more creative and more excellent then the rest of them……..don’t know why? But a leader has been the defined as the “one from a hundred”, “tallest be the leader”, “the one that looks like a leader is the leader”.
Leadership is not something people get in inheritance, it is present in each single person, some people come up to know it and some people don’t and this is why during our sessions we talked about Paradigm shifts.

I m sure most of you know how powerful these two words are, Paradigm shifting is the art of looking at something with a new and different perspective and as our perspectives control our beliefs, it causes us to look at ourselves from a whole new point of view and see what a difference it makes!

One of my favorite authors Sean Covey in his book the Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens says that Paradigm shifting is like taking out dirty glasses, cleaning them and then putting them on again. Everything comes up as a whole new thing. Paradigm shifts highlight what we can do, instead of mourning over what we can’t.

Many times leadership has even been confused with ability to make groups, to build teams or even to run a campaign. To some extent these are true……..but not exactly. Leadership has many faces and aspects, and one of the most important aspects of it is the “personal leadership”. Leadership just isn’t coming out and trying to change the world but it is a process of self changing. It is self organizing and self building. Before we go out telling people what they should do, we should peek in ourselves and see what’s lacking and that’s what leadership truly is.

We live, talk, interact in all sorts with all sorts of leaders around us, and one of those great leaders…….is our self! Its up to “us” who believe.
Khalida BrohiComment