TWO days to the marketplace launch!

Dear Unreasonable Finalist:
Yes just two days more to the grand launch of online marketplace at the
Unreasonable Institute. I can’t tell if I am excited or anxious? :) Although few of my past days had been a wonderful process of planning, seeking out ideas and reaching out for support thanks to some wonderful people around me!

Had an interactive session at the FYSE with keen Paragon100 fellows a few days back, such amazing people! gave me the first of many ideas on fundraising and lots of encouragements, however I had to think again a zillion times if I would look good having to tap dance for people:)

The whole process is becoming a lot fun for me, but yes is also reflecting the difference between social beliefs, where certain common and usual things in other countries become social taboos here. No wonder young people stay un-employed and without any sort of jobs due to the class pride and social sanctions. I remember the time I had proudly declared the benefits of odd-jobs in my sociology class and 30 sets of eyes had glared at me in a way if I told them I come from planet Mars.

But yeah, I have to confess fundraising is becoming a time for me to re-unite and celebrate with my friends, colleagues, beneficiaries, stakeholders and partners. I never had thought I could be able to get a time to write to my friends let alone talk to them. What ever the results be 5 weeks from now, I can declare one result proudly and clearly to the world that I am a winner to be blessed with amazing friends and supporters who believe in me and my vision.

Khalida BrohiComment