Not Long Ago...

Our Profiles are finally up! Short, purely dignified reflection of our experience, our venture and our most unreasonable passion to be become Unreasonable Fellows.

Checking my profile finally from the eyes of an outsider I see answers to some questions; carefully given, a profile picture cropped to fit and a small video to showcase the work I and my team have been able to do…. Or is it? Because in the visible reflection of my page I also see something else, I see memories....thousands of them, flooding back to my mind forcing me to wonder back to those times.... not long ago...

The bright heated day time of Balochistan, a small group of people meeting together to unite over a mission, those anxious hours till our first activity finished, the rushing around to make things perfect, the change of moods of my family, the forlorn looks, the challenge growing and the establishment of a goal which saw no changing in it and wont ever.

Among all of them, one of the memories most rampant in the deepest folds of thousands other’s is July 2007. We at Sughar were organizing a grand seminar with politicians at Balochistan and I had 3 days to my annual exams of Intermediate in Karachi, the conflict was most tremendously overwhelming, I needed to make it beforehand to Karachi for my exams, or stay and avail the first ever opportunity to push forward the issue of Honor Killing in political highlight (which was a now or never situation).

I decided to stay.
The seminar was a great success but now when just one day to my exams left, monsoon rains took courage and unfortunately huge rains fell that night, resulting the mega floods of 2007, breaking a few dams, two bridges and effecting thousands of villages.
There was no way I could leave for Karachi even for a whole month to come.

I was devastated!

But it did took me raw courage to plead one of my cousins to take me to Karachi no matter what! And thus right when my first exam was taking place in a silent, quite, comfortable hall of an examination center in Karachi. I was crossing mountains with rocky, flooded roads in a jam packed and suffocating mini-bus.
A kid in her mothers lap on my right decided to weep non-stop until the suzuki halted at Lasbella and driver announced the worst of news.
The road ahead was blocked and suzuki couldn’t pass.

Glancing out of the window I could see a huge unending line of trucks, loaded with cargo, buses with people peeking out from windows, doors and roofs.

The heat was unbearable now, with my scarf wrapped around my head I could experience the heat of an oven, and sitting and waiting seemed being roasted on my own consent.

Thus In the piercing sunlight and damp hot clothes I and my cousin clutched our bags and set off on foot ahead to see what was going on.50 minutes walk and I could see red dots in front of my eyes, crossing the huge unending line of the vehicle and crowds of people impatiently trying out different facials of disapproval, we found out the truth behind the block.

Pollari river ran wild!
The bridge to the huge river was broken and vehicles stood either sides of the road.I could see some people standing inside of the river holding ropes to help people cross the river. Setting foot in the river now seemed like the craziest idea ever and the fact that no women were doing it, only busy looking men with cartons of vegetables on head came into sight crossing the river.
There I was half shrieking, half crying damp in sweat, drenched in water crossing the roaring river of pollari.It took us half hour across the river and a whole hour to request veguns stuffed with people from all sides to take us to Hab city (near Karachi).

Later we sat out of shape in a police jeep making our way to Karachi, drinking warm mineral water and not minding the dust that made homes of our ears, nostrils and eyelids….

I gave my 3 missed papers in 2008, missed a whole year of education and made my lifes most unreasonable memory ever!