“Made it among the 42 finalists at the Unreasonable Institute!”

I still cant believe I am an unreasonable finalist :)! This was probably the fifth time I reread their email… I had to keep telling my self, that yes it is the victory I had dreamt to get. And I would be proud of the word “unreasonable”. Because this wasn’t the only time I came face-to-face with it. Smiling proudly to my self my thoughts couldn’t help wandering back to the time I was called unreasonable.

I was 16. No plans, no full education and no experience, nothing but boiling rage. A fury about the customs I was living in. It was the time my mind settled on the decision. And I was out to END the custom of honor killing. To me what I saw was the horrible truth belonging to traditions, however to people, there stood a stupid girl right between her own tribes yelling against them…. Then is when I was called unreasonable.

Hearing the word that time and hearing it back now makes a huge difference, now I cant help shouting about with happiness telling people I m unreasonable enough to be part of the 42 finalists!

Its been 6 years now, determination keeps growing at each step of my journey and for now ~this is a boost up in my determination, power and strength! I m privileged to be among the finalists around the world, and would do 100% more then my best to raise the funds and become an officially licensed unreasonable person:)

Here is to dreamers that don’t surrender because of the size of their beliefs!!