STOP and Think!

Have it ever occurred to us what exactly are we doing with our lives, are we living the way we ought to? Are we the true picture of what we might want to become? Or are we climbing on the right wall towards our mission in life?. We would in the end find out that we don’t know! We don’t know what path is it we are taking, we don’t know what we ought to be doing, in fact the truth we haven’t ever wanted to know.

Life is not something just to live, it’s a matter of feeling what we know, do and want to do. Life is something to “possess” to actually be conscious of. But as it seems that people including me have lost what it means to actually be living. We are robots, if not fully but are going to turn into. We are sensing life as something to must do this, must do that, eat and sleep. When life is not just waking up in the morning and sleeping at night.

Just for a while stop and think what life really means to you and you will find out the time you haven’t taken out for your family, the meals you haven’t cooked, the ice-cream flavors you haven’t tasted and the love you haven’t spread. Life is about sharing, about relationships, its about what you give and get in return in the end happiness for each of you.

I m always waiting for wonderful things to happen which to me are my inspiration but until today I haven’t ever realized I MYSELF m the inspiration to me. I can actually make wonderful things happen, I can make so many people happy of my being, I can take many chances, I can have so much fun! It’s because it’s me and my life and the world around me.

I have taken the time to stop of my schedules and think about what life matters to me, what about you?