“My grandfathers eyesight is weak”

I sit there on the bank of the happy floating river, thinking of something I don’t even know about. But, I do this every day and it soothes me right throw my deepest thoughts in the wonders of life beyond what I have ever seen, until………………..until my mother calls me to wash the dishes, clean the house or pick up hay for our two cows.

I m the girl of an indigenous family in interior of Sindh, with three brothers guarding me. I haven’t seen much of Sindh accept for our house and grandfathers near our village, though grandfather says that it’s a place which is blessed with surprising things and I understand what he says, its about the trees we make swings on, about the rivers running down near our houses, but then again there is this other thing I don’t know much about. Grandfather says, there are houses on top of houses, grandfather says, there are vans driven by women, grandfather says there are girls who don’t wash dishes but go to a place to learn and learn!

How surprising it is………..I end up hours of thinking everyday, on the bank of this river, right here where I come to wash cloths
But today! It was wonderful, amazing I didn’t think about these surprises, but I found out about everything which has been confusing me from all this time, today I walk towards my home with the answer I long wanted and it is this that………………….my grandfathers eyesight is weak!