Me, the Car and Window Seat...........

Our car was much in effort to call off the people who were jammed in middle of the road, they seemt to be oblivious of the horn continuously blazing. In other places the traffic uses horns to inform people to make way, but I guess in Karachi the procedure is just the reverse. We had to use the other way and finally getting on the main road we waited for the traffic to make way.

This is another of my travels back to  Balochistan and back home. The journey is of 7 hours and that is enough to get a lot of what a person wants. To me which is like observing and thinking.

But the true journey began when we would have crossed Karachi and today it seemt more like an impossible thing to do. Our car was on the way and we were in middle of the usual bustle of Karachi roads. Busy People were on there way to there lives, their issues and their remaining work to do. As it was the morning time, most of them were off to there works, one girl was standing in middle of starring man on the bus stop to wait and wait for the bus. Some women were trying all there best to cross the road, as the woman clutched to her baby and looking much at the small child and holding him to herself tightly, she didn’t give much importance to the roaring traffic that was there, she just cared if the baby was OK.

Our car was finally out of Karachi after an hours struggle, the busyness of the roads has subsided and now the people across looked more calm and more to them selves. But suddenly we came across a rally of PPP, some people indicated us to go the other way as there was no chance of us to move past the dancing crowd. We crossed it, and let the journey continue.

Some time after, we were crossing a village like area, it was a busy place and people were engrossed in shop keeping, kids run past, women bought fruit, songs in Pashto, Sindhi, Siraiki played. The place looked like as the people are planning on not returning to there homes, they had calmness on there faces which said everything was OK.

Coming out in the open, we faced another rally which was silent and people were slowly moving further, the flags said the rally was of a “Pir,Murshid”, and these people were the followers. We continued our long journey, and after two hours we were in the areas which were more familiar to me then any thing, huge mountains faced us, lonely trees in the isolated grounds waved slowly, and the sun was hot. This was something which I loved, the mountains, the lands, and far away the hints of water in the open ground. The hotness of the weather was giving back the memories I had right from my child hood, it told me that I m close to the place I was brought up.

The car moved down on the zigzagged road, and the mountains were becoming larger and more wonderful. I could see the things which I longed desired to watch even having to see every year, a few women were carrying buckets, and other stuff filled with water and seemed to go to nowhere, as there wasn’t ay house to be seen as the eye could see.

Moving further, I caught site of some kids playing, it was amazing as because the area was totally isolated with huge mountains and rocky lands. The car was moving slower and I could see them trying to chase a small bird, the bird toppled off on the tree and they tried to jump up to catch it, a huge wind came and the bird flew off leaving them starring off in the air and going nuts by laughing. I wondered if they knew that the country is in crisis, that our politicians are having a clash, that people are being burned alive, that people are being shot right here in the same country, but obviously they didn’t knew of it and I wanted it to remain the way it was.

A while later we were crossing the area where the floods had passed the roads a few months back, leaving evidence of corrupt work, when I had seen the hundreds of buses halted at the point because of no help and no assistance by no one. The scenes were so fresh of the children drenched with sweet from the hot weather, crying of no food, many patients have fainted, and there had been no sign of helpers from any side. The media people were no where to be found, when it is thought that they are even faster then the issue effects people. We moved further with just about completing the journey.

Scenery passed, steep hills, huge mountains, lonely houses, open grounds, finally reaching a place which was more like a prosperous place, the grounds were green with fields, there were tree and happy kids, our car made way from the middle of the village, a tractor passed us, and I heard what the driver who was probably a farmer was listening to Benazir Bhutto, the sound was of hope and a belief that there will be democracy in Pakistan, smiling to myself I was all ready to have great days ahead in Baluchistan.