"Kaleidoscope of Life"

In the twilight of Years lasting days

I lay and think of me

Of what went wrong and what was right

And what the result might be

I think to my thoughts knowing not

Of all those times that I haven’t ever thought

Of all the times I regretted knowing

And the moments I couldn’t help throwing

I thought nothing of the dear life

All I thought was of me

When was it I ever smiled and the reasons weren’t just me

Those were the people around the circle of life

When they meant nothing to me

Amazed I m at the beauty of life

For there is more to it you see

You bump in usual stuff you say

You run-into people everyday

You never glance back up to them

You never realize what life could be

If only you stop, halt and think

Of all the times you bump, run into and mingle with people

As your age goes from a plant to tree

Then you 'll see

What you lost

What you missed

Celebrate the moments of that you are unsure

Life is heavenly, light and pure

Celebrate the seconds like they were all your age

Celebrate what’s right with you and the world

Celebrate the success for which you thrive

Celebrate the kaleidoscope of life!