Dear Father.....

Ever remember oh dear father

Cradled in your hands was once your only daughter

Your eyes were sad, your voice have shook

Glint of love did shone in your first look

Things changed the very moment of my life

Your features changed, boring like a knife

I looked toward you with doubt and hope

Clutched your dear hand for support

I had come in the world knowing not

What misfortune with me I brought

Life hold realities for me

To know and learn and to see

To eat my food I had to wait

It was one of my assigned fate

I waited till me brothers were done

I sat there hungry, sometimes having none

I worked in the house when my brothers played

I never mentioned but oh father I was sad

I gazed towards them misty eyed

It was when night came, I cried

Doing chores and fetching water

I ran about obeying each order

Days have passed, much in vain

Until one day when I was ten

Exhausted in the field work of all day

I wished to rest and there I lay

Tired I was, my eyes had closed

Not having known what fate they hold

Awoke at once when I felt being dragged

I saw you and for mercy I begged

Seized I was in your hands

I was a sinner, I slept on open lands

The hands that cradled me once before

To me, they belonged to you no more

My heart stopped just at the time

And I was killed for an unknown crime

Khalida Brohi