Be The Change

Just right now I was reading about Sharons perspective of changing the world. "Changing the world", seems to be a far more broader a thought and thinking about it like sharon said, make us feel as if we were starting a revolution.

Well I must say that starting a revolution has never been the answer to the unending questions about changing things about the world which are affecting us both negatively and positively.

Change is a word that leads to think of like if from turning purple to green. but change when it comes to attitudes, beliefs and thoughts is a challenge for all of us. The first ever change begins within. as the greatest poet put it in the last stanza of the most known poem,

" lying on my death bed I think "

if only I might have changed myself first

The verses have more power then they actually show, its clear how things begin within the person itself. "Dont wait until the world to signal you that now its ok to make change, BE the change". I keep telling myself and reminding myself, that every single second is as important as the flight might be missed if not reached at the airport, the sun will be up, the last train might have left and the last chance we might have gone.

Khalida Brohi
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